Launch carrier billing & mobile wallets. Gain new paying users.

Reach 5 billion people with the simplest checkout flow for online payments. Carrier billing lets you charge anyone on their phone bill.

Mobile wallets dominate digital goods payments in emerging markets. Wallets outperform credit cards in underbanked regions of the world.

Benefits of launching local payment methods:


New paying users

80% of people in the world don’t have a credit card. Enable payments from them through carrier billing & wallets.

Better conversion

No logins. No forms to fill. This gives carrier billing & wallets unmatched payment conversion rates.

Safe for consumers

No personal data collected, giving users confidence in completing payments.

Here’s how the payment UX looks like:

The user decides to make a purchase.
The user enters their phone number.
The user confirms transaction on their mobile device.
The user’s phone balance or wallet is charged.

Join leading digital content companies using Fortumo's platform.

How to get started?

Fortumo offers local payments through two products:

Web SDK is a turnkey carrier billing product for collecting payments done on websites.
  • Payment methods supported:
    Carrier billing

  • Countries covered:
    80 countries
    280 telcos

  • Tokenization:
    Not supported
  • Payment values:
    Fixed, defined by telco
  • Subscription payments:
    Select markets. User management with Fortumo’s Subscription Engine.
Unified SDK
Unified SDK solution allows you to integrate mobile payments to your website or app.
  • Payment methods supported:
    Carrier billing
    Mobile wallets
  • Countries covered:
    70 countries
    210 telcos
    20 mobile wallets
  • Tokenization:
  • Payment values:
    Defined by merchant
  • Subscription payments:
    Supported. User management by merchant or with Fortumo’s Subscription Engine.

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